Application Form: for the Academic Year 2020/2021
Griffith Halls of Residence
This form must only be completed by the Student applying for accommodation (not the Parent/Guardian)

Personal Information
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You must be over 18 at the start of term
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A Booking Period
Booking Period     
Expected Arrival Date                                          
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We provide an Early Arrival Option, subject to availability. Please email for details (Terms and Conditions apply)
B Room Type
Only select room types that you are willing to accept if 1st choice is not offered.
1st Choice - Room Type          
2nd Choice - Room Type       
3rd Choice - Room Type       
C Room Share Preference
We allocate students in pairs, if you have a friend you wish to share a room with, please name him/her here and ensure your friend names you as well (in their application form). "
Please note: We do not guarantee who your roommates/flatmates will be. We will do our best to meet your requirements, however this will depend on availability and the share preferences of others.
Room Share  
D Apartment Share Preference
Most apartments house a total of four students in two twin rooms. We generally allocate students in pairs. If three students want to share an apartment we recommend one student choosing a single and the other two picking a twin room. If all three want to share in twin rooms and we need to allocate a fourth to your room to fill the final space, we do our best to ensure the person is someone we believe the other three will get along with.
Apartment Share 1  
Apartment Share 2  
If no share preference is given we allocate students based on their answers to our check-in form questionnaire.
E Extras
Do you want to rent:
The charge will be deducted from your Security Deposit. Items must be returned on check out.
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Additional Information
I understand the only grounds whereby the €300 Application Fee is refundable as outlined here.
I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to comply
with the terms of the GHR Community Values agreement.